Case Studies

McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd.

Based: Telford, Shropshire
Industry: Construction
Sector: Developers, Civil Engineering
Market: Utilities, Local Authorities, Private Developments
Key Requirements: Functional software and a supplier with a good understanding of our business requirements


McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd (McPhillips) are an award winning Civil Engineering and Building Contractor, who have built a strong reputation for providing outstanding solutions to Public and Private sector partners over the past 45 years.

McPhillips have been users of the Prodigy software for some 19 years. During the management buyout and purchase of the intellectual property rights for this software by Optimise Systems Ltd, they felt a degree of uncertainty and lack of confidence for the future and felt they should look elsewhere.



David Wauchope, Financial Director commented:

“Due to this uncertainty, we felt we should look at viable alternatives to protect our business.”

“We were sold the image of a totally integrated system that gave ease of use and auditability throughout all aspects of our business. If achieved, this would give us the prospect of automating a number of tasks, to streamlined administrative functions within the company”

This was the theory, but in practice as David Wauchope says:-

“When push came to shove the new suppliers just could not deliver. They did not take the time to fully investigate how we operated. In addition, the project management for the introduction and implementation stages was severely lacking. Although sold an 'all singing all dancing' product, the truth of the matter was that every little thing needed a unique (chargeable) customisation. Whenever we tried to implement one of the modules something did not work.”



“In the midst of this chaos, we had a visit from the Directors of Optimise Systems Ltd, who convinced us that not only would the Prodigy software continue to be supported by them, but would also be developed and moved forward. Many of the Prodigy team we had worked with over the last 19 years, prior to the attempted move, were still in place either as Directors or employees of Optimise. We knew they were able to deliver fully tested solutions to any requests for upgrades, plus the software was reliable and sound. All the staff at Mcphillips have full confidence in Prodigy and it became clear, that returning to it provided a tried and tested formula offering the stability we required. Further to this, we have been working with the Optimise staff to improve our working practices, utilising their thorough understanding of our business and the people in it”


Prodigy Modules used at McPhillips

  • Prodigy ProCon – Used for the control of Contract Costs integrated with the Financial suite of software. In addition, it has web based Materials request, and CIS reporting.
  • Prodigy ProSub – This module records and controls the use of sub contractors. It records application, certifications, payments, VAT returns and import of labour costs from Payroll systems. All HMRC tax treatments are catered for including the electronic links to the HMRC gateway. Equally companies not within the CIS scheme can be dealt with under this module.
  • Prodigy ProSal – Contractors sales module is used to record revenue received against both jobs and revenue not associated with a job. This removes the need for a separate non-contract sales ledger. It handles applications, certifications, invoices, credits, cash sales and payments.
  • Prodigy ProPop – The Purchase Order Processing Manager is used for recording and controlling the purchasing and hire of goods. It also includes the movement of 'on hire' equipment between contracts. The module fully integrates with that of the Prodigy ProCon module providing accurate costs by Contract/Job.
  • Prodigy ProRec – The Web based material request module was designed for Contract and Site managers, so that while on remote sites, orders can be placed or returns noted via the Head Office.
  • Prodigy ProFin – These is a fully integrated Financial package including Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers together with Stock ledger, Asset manager and Cash Book.



The implementation of the software was smooth and successful, which was expected bearing in mind the familiarity and confidence of the McPhillips' staff with the system. To fulfil their ongoing and future aspirations, regular visits have been scheduled, covering training, information on upgrades and discussions regarding future requirements.

The last comment is with David Wauchope, Financial Director

“As far as our dealings with Optimise Systems Ltd, there are several features which stand out.

a. They take time to understand what we are trying to achieve.
b. They do not over promise and inflate expectations.
c. They are never found wanting when delivering a fully tested and working product.”


Optimise Systems
working in Partnership with
McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd


McPhillips Head Office
at Hortonwood, Telford.

Prodigy Software