Case Studies

Total Produce Plc

Based: (UK H.O.) Peterborough
Industry: Fresh Produce
Sector: Wholesale and Food Service
Key Requirements: Functional and relevant software to facilitate efficiencies within the business.



In the guise of Redbridge Produce and Flowers, Wholesale division, situated in many fruit and vegetable markets around the UK, Prodigy software was installed and successfully incorporated within that operation in 1998.

In 2005, following the purchase of the intellectual property rights to the Prodigy software by Optimise Systems Ltd after their management buyout, Redbridge approached the directors to also look at replacement software for their Food Service division.

Following the takeover by Total Produce plc in January 2006, the project was continued and was finally rolled out to all the sites which were involved in distribution. Such was the success that some existing 'pitch selling' only sites, started to maximise their profits by introducing distributive wholesaling which included the sale of bulk and split products.

Total Produce Plc's takeover strategy meant other sites were incorporated within the Optimise fold successfully.



Working closely with the Optimise staff, a solution to meet the exacting requirements of the food service division was drawn up, executed and implemented with a great deal of success.

The Optimise Systems Prodigy ProCat software proved to be extremely functional, easy to use and popular amongst the user. It incorporated:

  • Order taking designed to allow multiple orders to be taken extremely rapidly.
  • Designed with the telesales operator in mind, requires the minimum of keystrokes when order taking using the numerical key pad only.
  • Function key or character (qwerty) based operation to suit individuals.
  • Allows for 4 different order scenarios; advanced, current, prepared and direct.
  • Products can be set as bulk and split items, with split items being sold in kilos or by number.
  • Options to allow or prevent operators change prices, if required.
  • Options to view customers' staple products, order history, top sellers. (Order history allows drill down to any order, copy order line(s) or all order lines to current order) and a multitude of other features to make the life of the telesales operator easier and more efficient and customer contact more pleasurable.
  • Linking of electronic scales to allow for pickers to rapidly and accurately record product weights against order lines.
  • Picking/delivery by route allowing for customers to be placed on routes for specific dates and times.
  • Daily reporting of customers who have not placed orders.



The current relationship, which includes upgrades and discussions about improvements to the working practices of Total Produce and the use of weigh scales and mobile technology, is ongoing. There is a lot of mutual respect between the two companies as is shown by the comments below.

“In its various guises, Total Produce has had a successful trading relationship with the Prodigy software for over 14 years. As IT manager, I have been responsible for overseeing the implementation and integration of the Food Service software which is very functional and meets all our requirements. I have nothing but praise for the standard of software provided which is extremely functional and meets all those requirements.”

Des McIvor IT Manager, Total Produce Plc


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