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Thomson Ltd.

Established in 1974, Thomson Ltd is a key player in the provision of innovative solutions in Engineering and Environmental Services, with particular specialisations in large plant and in the handling of asbestos. An enthusiastic team of specialists with extensive knowledge and experience operate throughout the UK and overseas.


Thomson Ltd has been using Prodigy software and it's predecessors since the 1980's. The original Job Ledger gave the basis for cost control with the addition of some bespoke reporting. The evolutionary approach to software development delivered with Prodigy has rolled much of the bespoke element into standard product so that support from Optimise can be handled by any member of the team.

Prodigy runs on a very stable Unix platform that is there when needed. Delivered to standard PC workstations, security of access to data is well controlled with Prodigy. As hardware has developed, server upgrades and network rationalisation have been smoothly achieved ‐ the whole being handled by Optimise Systems.

A recent addition to Thomson business has been removal of asbestos in smaller properties and this has required changes to the costing structures. This was easily achieved with Optimise's help and Thomson are now looking to integrating some of the Sales Management tools into the system. Prodigy's Open Database and SQL support and the extensive knowledge of Optimise's staff will enable linking flexible front end tools to disciplined costing structures.

Thomson Ltd employ 150 employees and use many Sub-Contractors. The Sub-Contractors routines within Prodigy handle the statutory CIS returns. Contract values range from a few thousand pounds to over £2m. Prodigy gives Thomson Ltd the tools to exercise financial control.

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