Case Studies

Nene Potatoes Ltd.

Based: Long Sutton, Lincolnshire
Industry: Fresh Produce
Sector: Marketing of Potatoes
Market: Utilities, Local Authorities, Private Developments
Key Requirements: Functional and easy to use Trading Sheet with its own Financial Suite



Nene Potatoes was first registered in 1978, and began its first season of marketing potatoes for its members in 1979, their original nine members growing 300 hectares of potatoes. The original nine growers recognised that improved marketing would bring about improved returns and that this would be best achieved through co-operation.

In June 2002, Nene sought its independence from third party management agreements in order to expand and changed its status to that of a limited company. This has now enabled Nene Potatoes Ltd to expand to its present 24 members, as at August 2010, growing 4000 hectares, the total volume handled approaching 100,000 tonnes.



Simon Brown, Commercial Manager contacted Optimise Systems Ltd as there were issues being raised by the expansion and the ability of Nene Potatoes Ltd to cope with the flow of timely information to members and customers alike.

Simon says:

“I had experience using the Prodigy ProTrade software at a previous company and believed implementing it would improve the efficiency of the marketing operation, offering visibility of the status of current loads and easy access to historical data.”

In their current situation, as Simon added:

“Although our accounts staff were happy with their standard package, the weakness was apparent on the trading side of the business. The systems operated were alright in themselves but lacked the functionality and speed we required to be able to access any load, both current and historical, quickly. This in turn led to delays in being able to react to changes, plus they did not link directly into our accounts.”

The result of all this was:

“Although we got by, a lot of the day was spent in unnecessary admin work and we were not as efficient as we should have been, because the business was not totally integrated.”



Optimise Systems Ltd Prodigy ProTrade software was installed, some features of which are set out below:

  • The Trading System is a fully interactive back–to–back sales and purchasing transaction system designed for suppliers and processors of bulk products such as potatoes and other root crops.
  • It incorporates contract sales and purchases, QC, storage, grading, packing and value added processing. In addition, it includes haulier and grower self billing as an integral part of the software, plus all the documentation need to fulfil the customer requirements.
  • Multiple trading sheets can be set up and are fully user definable.
  • Other features such as split grading, split pricing by product, price and grade multiple loads as one, extended grading and packing routines, box traceability in grading and packing routines and price value warnings in purchase and sales.
  • All the above are integrated and linked to the Prodigy ProFin financial suite

“A demonstration of the software convinced Nene Potatoes Ltd we would benefit greatly as a company by implementing the Prodigy trading system. The benefits of its many features and the ability to define our own trading sheets, gave us the confidence that we could improve efficiencies within the company.”

Stated Paul Shepherd Managing Director, who added:

“The implementation of the Prodigy software supplied by Optimise Systems Ltd means the trading team can get on and do what we do best and that is, trade potatoes.”



The initial training went well and the target 'go live' date was met. The usual post 'go live' issues which in the main revolved round familiarity with the software were handled and the software is now an integral and valuable part of their business.

Paul Shepherd, Managing Director commented:

“Optimise Systems Ltd with their Prodigy ProTrade software ticked virtually all the boxes as far as we were concerned. The software was functional, easy to use, and relevant to our business.”


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