Catering/Food Services

Specifically designed for the Catering and Food Service industry.

This module is a totally integrated system to cater for the whole process from Sales, through Picking, Delivery and Invoicing to include Procurement and Stock control. All these programs integrate fully with our standard Accounting suite of software making this a very powerful suite of Software.


  • Minimum keystroke Order entry to maximise Order taking speed.
  • Pro–active sales using Promotions and Staple products to maximise sales and monitor Customer ordering patterns.
  • The Sales Order is the start of the process which includes Picking by route if required, and Delivery notes either priced or unpriced.
  • Linking Electronic s scales at the Picking stage to provide accurate recording of weights.
  • A very powerful Pricing structure allowing a minimum of 99 price lists.
  • Each price list has multiple price bands to maximise profitability.
  • For larger customers Price profiling to facilitate fixed prices, reduced or increased margins on identified products to tailor the Pricing to Customers particular needs.
  • To allow all types of discount to include straight, tiered or retro discounts.
  • The ability to set minimum margins to take account of the above.
  • Complaint Logging to assist with Customer management.
  • Extensive suite of standard reports such as Product Customer stats, Customer performance, Route profitability etc.
  • Using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) allows the extraction of any data which can be transferred on to external programs such as spreadsheets. Also the ability to write further reports to supplement the considerable number of reports standard to the Software.


  • Boost sales by rapid product quality sale channel alignment
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve productivity
  • Introduce Best buy analysis
  • Enhance reporting with meaningful quality data and performance results
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