Consignment Trading

Account sales management ensures accurate consignee returns.

Consignment trading is designed for open and fixed priced account sales. Costs for a specific sender's consignment are accumulated with optional posting from pre-pack production. Supermarket sales orders can be allocated against consignment stock, together with traditional open price wholesale market transactions. Deduction routines from the sales price for handling charges and commissions are offered with remaining monies that are returned to the consignee.


  • Consignments held as expected and arrived
  • Full stock control across multiple locations
  • Sales orders allocated against consignment stock
  • Production of picking notes and delivery notes Consignment Trading
  • Automatic haulage calculation and haulage invoice reconciliation
  • Pre-pack production processing figures assigned to account sales
  • Sender to shelf traceability
  • Automatic calculation of commission, customer rebates, handling, duty, packing charges
  • Automatic completion of market orders once sale price confirmed
  • Open price wholesale transactions with automatic contra posting of commission/handling
  • Sender adjustment facility
  • Full analysis of account sales
  • Daily/weekly sales reports
  • Daily/weekly sales statistics
  • Fully integrated with EDI orders and invoices


  • Increase clerical efficiency
  • Full sender analysis by consignment
  • Full sales analysis by transaction/consignment
  • Consignment profitability
  • Full product traceability
  • Real time delivery of management information


  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Stock Control
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