Contractor's Requisition

Optimise Web Based Stock System allows for remote access by Contract and Site Managers to Head Office.

Optimise Web Based Material Request Module has been designed with Contract and Site Managers in mind. This application provides Site Managers with the functionality required when on remote sites to place orders from stock and to advise of returns into stock.


  • Online Web-Based Stock Ordering
    • Login page to validate users and passwords
    • Specify a Request or Return
    • Quick and easy selection of stock items via drill down, displaying current stock level
    • Unlimited number of products
    • Confirmation of valid request
  • Central Stock Order Management
    • Display of all unprocessed orders and returns with automatic refresh
    • Multiple despatches for a single order
    • Multiple collections for a single return
    • Generation of picking notes from orders
    • Generation of collection notes for returns
    • Optional despatch confirmation
    • Confirmation email sent to site manager
    • Automatic update of Prodigy Stock and Contract
    • Vehicle loading plan for multiple deliveries
  • Reporting
    • Full reporting through the Stock and Contractors systems


  • Requests for materials satisfied promptly
  • The ability to audit despatches and returns
  • Real time update of stock and contract costs
  • Computer generated documentation
  • Links to Contractors, Stock and Purchasing
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