Contract Sales

Designed specifically to satisfy the requirements of the Contracting industries, and incorporating features unique to that industry

Contractors Sales allows Building and Engineering Contractors to record revenue received against the jobs being performed for customers. It can also be used to record revenue that is not associated with a job, thus obviating the need for a separate non-contract sales ledger. Contractors Sales handles applications, certifications, invoices, credits, cash sales and payments.


  • Holds details of customers and can be linked to contracts
  • Revenue relating to customers/jobs held in this ledger
  • Handles Application and Certification Postings
  • Invoice posting to job or customer, Payment postings Digger
  • Allows profit taken values to be posted to jobs for work in progress reports
  • Adjustment Posting to contract sales avoiding normal required procedures in the application, certification and payment cycle
  • Multi currency
  • Numerous reports including full audit trail, aged debtors, work in progress
  • Document layouts are all user definable


  • Reduced clerical efforts and margin for error
  • Improve customer service, providing up-to-date information


  • Nominal Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Purchase
  • Stock
  • Asset Register
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