Nominal Ledger

Integrating with commercial modules provides a seamless flow of financial data

The financial suite comprises Nominal Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, Fixed Asset Register and Cash Book. An extremely comprehensive suite, it caters for multi-company, multi-currency and group consolidation user defined. It provides sophisticated coding structures with full audit trails.

Complete flexibility of setting period end dates for accounting periods is provided allowing for 12 or 13 month accounting transactions to be viewed at summary or detail levels in normal or inverted formats. The report generator allows the user to create personalised financial and management reports, reflecting the company's own accounting structure.


  • User structured account code
    • Up to 15 characters and 8 user defined fields
  • "Point-to" accounts for consolidation
  • Modular control of period closings
  • Posting to multiple periods Accountant
  • Detailed audit trail
    • By transaction number
    • By source with narratives
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Journal accruals with automatic reversing
  • Budget-to-actual comparisons
    • Period-to-date or year-to-date
    • Variance by value and percentage
  • Foreign currency bank accounts
  • Flexible nominal ledger report generator


  • Rapid implementation with flexible account code structure
  • Accountability through detailed audit trails
  • Real-time monitoring of budgetary performance
  • User-defined financial statements
  • Direct integration with third party products for financial modelling
  • Direct email of documents and reports
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