Seed Potato

The Seed Potato System is a sale and purchase contract management system, designed for the creation and maintenance of seed contracts

Facilities to record chemical treatment, special contract terms & conditions, collection locations differing to invoice address, bag issues and faxed haulage advice notes are all catered for by the system.

In addition, the fluid nature of seed potatoes requires the user to match, free and re-allocate sale and purchase contracts easily. This is achieved by the aid of pop-up windows.


  • Order quantities tubers or tonnes
  • Season
  • Contract status tentative / firm
  • Customer / supplier accounts and addresses Seed Potatoes
  • Multiple price status e.g. ex-farm or delivered
  • Breeder royalties by variety
  • Special terms and conditions
  • Sales / purchases delivery planner
  • Forecast profit
  • Contract short fall report
  • Salesman identification
  • Expected deliveries / receipts
  • Allocation of Sale and Purchase contacts
  • Search options by variety and product
  • Free stock availability
  • Confirmed contract - Grower self billing and haulage self billing from the trading sheet
  • Retrospective allocation of free loads


  • Maximise efficiency of contract handling
  • Minimise clerical effort
  • User-friendly enquiries facilitated by pop-up windows and easy use management reporting


  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Stock Control
  • Trading System
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