Sales Order Processing

Seamless compliance with EDI, excellent sales analysis and product scheduling

Sales Order Processing supports order intake and invoice transmission via electronic data interchange and is compliant with all major multiple formats. Also included are flexible invoice production options and user definable invoice layouts, plus provision for weekly forecasting, open price wholesale market sales, special promotions, own or third party vehicle planning and haulage cost reporting, thus ensuring that all sales channels are comprehensively covered.


  • Supermarket programs
  • Wholesale market operations
  • Scheduled order entry
  • Advance Delivery System Sales Order Processing
  • Account sales
  • Interface for EDI orders and invoices
  • Proof of delivery
  • Customer specific and user defined document layouts
  • Product/price schedule with availability flagging
  • Flexible price schedule and diary with history
  • User control of invoice
  • Provisional and actual order comparisons
  • Vehicle loading / planning


  • Pack-house requirements planning
  • Vehicle capacity / efficiency control
  • Vehicle costing
  • Pallet and tray control


  • Stock Control
  • Sales Ledger
  • EDI
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