Stock Control

Real time Stock marshalling offers perpetual inventory via bar code technologies

The Stock module provides for multi-warehouse, multi location raw material and supplies facilities for controlling raw material and finished goods stock as well as consumables.

The stock module integrates to the Price Book and Bill of Materials systems.

Full traceability of all movements is provided and the system retains all transactions for enquiry and reporting purposes.

Purchasing support is provided with product supplier, supplier product code and supplier cost prices being stored.


  • High visibility of stock availability
  • Batch and lot traceability
  • Multi warehouse, multi-location
  • Selection by code, short name, description, customer product code Stock warehouse
  • Flexible coding structure
  • Detailed stock movement statistics
  • Detailed stock text description file (of unlimited length) per item
  • Stock take and reporting routines
  • Flexible stock valuations


  • Immediate monitoring of physical, on-order, allocated and free stock levels
  • Fast, efficient valuation by FIFO, weighted average and replacement / current cost
  • Close control of stock levels and stock reconciliation and re-ordering allows stocking levels to be optimised avoiding overstocking and stock-outs.
  • Stock reordering recommendations by a reorder point system
  • Monitors stock levels against maximum and minimum levels
  • Alternative items facility
  • A wide range of stock statistics and analyses are available
  • Integrates to a wide range of pricing facilities including discounts, special prices, list prices, etc
  • Full integration with radio data systems
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