Trading QC

Trading QC provides dynamic software for the recording and reporting of fresh produce Quality Control, through the various stages from field to pack

Trading QC is a fully integrated sub-module of the Trading System. It allows an unlimited number of QC schedules to be predefined, to be used as templates for various different QC checks, for example for different products at different times.

QC results can be recorded at various stages e.g. in the field, at intake and at the processing line.

Results can be printed, summarised and enquired on at any time.


  • Unlimited quality control criteria schedules by product or situation
  • Definable criteria parameters for each schedule
  • Recording and totalling of defects
  • Definable tolerances Quality Control
  • Exceeded tolerances highlighted
  • Record temperature, colours, packs dates etc.
  • Multiple samples per batch / load
  • Summarised results available for enquiry
  • Export results to spreadsheets
  • Results can be e-mailed directly


  • Ease of use through full integration with loads on the Trading Sheets
  • Immediate scrutiny of QC results
  • Faster feedback to growers / suppliers
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