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Escrow Protection

Working together to assure your business continuity

At Optimise Systems we value our customers and work hard to both deliver software solutions which meet your key business requirements and build strong relationships based on trust.

We recognize that we have a responsibility to help you ensure the long term performance and availability of your Prodigy software and ultimately, to assure your business continuity.

NCC Group Escrow Solutions

Inbuilt Business Continuity Assurance

That's why we have arranged for NCC Group – the world's leading independent escrow provider – to provide you with optional business continuity protection through an escrow agreement.

NCC Group currently protects over 9,000 business–critical software applications under comprehensive escrow agreements, on the behalf of licenses worldwide, including 94 of the UK FTSE 100.

Under the terms of your escrow agreement with NCC Group, we will supply them with a copy of the source code of your application which they will hold securely on your behalf. This will be updated at regular agreed intervals to ensure the source code held is always up to date and reflects the current version of your application. In the unlikely event that we ever become unable to meet our contractual obligations, NCC Group will release the source code to you, allowing you to maintain and correct your software without disruption.

To find out more about Escrow and the process of establishing your escrow agreement and the fees involved, please contact NCC Group directly using the contact details listed below.


Stacy WatsonNCC Group Logo

NCC Group Escrow Account Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 161 209 5342


For more information about NCC Group's Escrow Solutions visit:

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