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Prodigy Report Generator

We at Optimise Systems strive to improve our Prodigy software for the benefit of our customers. Over the last 12 months we have been developing a Rapid Report Generator that can be used by our customers who have staff with IT knowledge or for those customers who have no IT knowledgeable staff Optimise will write the reports for you. Report Generator

Optimise are aware that company reporting requirements can be unique even though company activity may be in the same sphere as others. Optimise therefore made the decision to write this module to allow this uniqueness to be brought to the customer without the expense of previous methods.

With the simple use of function keys reports can be output to Printer, Special, File, Email, FTP or Browser. Within each of these outputs further options exist as Standard Prodigy Print, HTML, CSV and XML. Example of an HTML report is attached.

Gone are the days of 1 day minimum to write a report, this Report Writer allows us to complete the task in a much shorter time scale, depending of course on the complexity of your requirements.


Optimise offer this software and service as follows:

Option 1 – A nominated person who has some IT literacy would be trained at our offices as part of a regulated course. At the end of this that person would be able to extract and write any report required in any format, to satisfy your own requirements and possibly your customers requests.

Option 2 – Optimise will write any report on your behalf to your specification for which we would make a charge based on time and materials.


We believe the flexibility of being able to personalise reports both for yourselves or your customers will provide real cost benefits.

For further information contact Phil Carter on 0115 984 9840 or 07786 065357 or email

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