Prodigy Specialist and Bespoke
Prodigy Specialist and Bespoke

Optimise Systems have been developers of specialist and bespoke software for over 25 years. A few examples are detailed below.

Hosiery System

The Hosiery System is a sophisticated piece of software that caters to the industry's requirements, offering full traceability from order, through manufacture (e.g. knitting, turning, etc) and booking into stock, to final dispatch the to customer. The system offers many features such as:

  • A yarn stock module allowing yarn to be booked out to jobs and back in again once the job is complete. The stock system links to scales, allowing accurate measurement of stock usage.
  • Multiple order types - forward orders, support orders, customer orders.
  • Product breakdown (e.g. Brands, styles, articles, colours, and sizes).
  • Multiple selling units (e.g. 3s, 6s and dozens).
  • Extensive use of mobile software, allowing jobs to be tracked from knitting through to despatch. The system features a high level of security and intelligence (e.g. For picking, operatives are directed to the required stock. For despatches, operatives must confirm the boxes packed).
  • Multiple warehouses (e.g Order stock, support stock and free stock).
The software is well tried and tested and would provide an excellent solution for any business in this industry sector, providing accurate information to the management at all stages of manufacture.

Picture Frame Mouldings

This industry is heavily reliant on stock being accurate down to the nearest meter, meaning that stock has to be constantly up-to-date. This is even more apparent with the advent of on-line web ordering. It is also extremely important to know what has been ordered, but is currently out of stock, to produce back-order reports and to fulfil those orders in a timely manner when stock is received.

Linked to our Prodigy procurement and accounting suite of software this is a powerful total package for not just the Picture Frame industry, but for any industry who deal in metric measurements.

Automotive Products

Dedicated to the provision of new and reconditioned automotive products for Trucks, Trailers, Bus and Light Commercial Vehicle Components. This module, whilst not having any input into the reconditioning of components, provides for accurate stock which is an essential part of the success of any company who deal in automotive products.

Designed specifically for this industry and linked into our Prodigy financial suite of software, this module would provide any user with accurate stock and timely management information.

Other Applications

  • Mine Belting Manufacture
  • Automotive Hosing Manufacture
  • Production System
  • Flowers and Bulbs
  • Fruit/Vegetable Pooling System
  • Seed Merchant System