Prodigy Contractors

The Prodigy Contractors suite of software was written specifically for the Contracting, Civil Engineering and Building industries in the early 1990s, but is also well suited to the Property Management sector.

Prodigy Contractors

The contractors system is fully integrated into our general ledgers giving management total visibility of all aspects of any contract or job and providing financial information for senior management.

The Contractors Suite consists of the main Contract Ledger, a Sub–Contractors Ledger, Procurement and a dedicated Contractors Sales Ledger. In addition we have developed very recently a Web based Stock Ordering system for Site Managers. All this is then linked into our very extensive accounting package.

Reporting is very extensive and can be easily enhanced by report writers. The system is based around the Informix Relational Database which allows for easy access to information. For those who wish to download information into a Windows environment (for excample, into a spreadsheet), this is easily achievable using ODBC or using a further Prodigy recent development, our "Report Writer".

Customers who have dedicated IT operatives can be trained to use the report writer. For those customers who have no IT staff, Optimise can write the reports for you.