Testimonials from our customers

We're very proud of the comments we receive from our customers and would like to share some of these with you.

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Chef's Delight Ltd – Fresh produce catering wholesaler
“Optimise Systems Ltd understands the needs of the people like us in the Fresh Produce Catering industry. They allayed my basic concerns, providing a system that allowed me to concentrate on providing my customers with the very best quality of produce. The excellent service provided by Optimise Systems will allow me to expand my business whilst retaining a first class reputation.”
Malcolm Golding, Managing Director
Don-Bur (Bodies and Trailers) Ltd – Market champions for the design and manufacture of the complete range of commercial vehicle trailers and rigid bodywork
“The ‘Prodigy’ software, supported and owned by Optimise Systems Limited is robust, stable, and provides the necessary information to run our business.”
Rick Bloomfield Financial Director
Fruitlink (Wisbech) Ltd – Grower owned and managed apple and pear producing co-operative
“As the administration arm of a Grower Co-operative, supplying Apples and Pears to one of the largest marketing companys in the UK, it was imperative we have designed for our growers, functional pooling software, including an integrated accounts package. In addition, we required the ability to communicate with the marketing company, to receive orders, links to external pack houses to fulfil those orders followed by delivery to that company.”

“Optimise Systems Ltd and their ‘Prodigy ProPool’ software provides all of that and more. When that is allied to excellent and efficient support from their knowledgeable staff, I have to say, we are very pleased with our partnership and would unequivocally recommend them.”
Keven Brooks, Fruitlink (Wisbech) Ltd
Lingarden Bulbs Ltd – Suppliers of high quality daffodil flowers and bulbs
“For the purchasing and marketing of Daffodil flowers from January through to May, followed by the same process for Daffodil bulbs from July through to December, our requirement for a functional and integrated system to include Financials was paramount to the success of our business.”

“The software had to be easy to use and well able to handle the extreme time pressures we are subject to from time to time.”

“Optimise Systems Ltd utilising their ‘Prodigy ProBulb’ software provided the functionality and integration, as well as the other key performance criteria we required. The implementation was very smooth and professional. In addition, the post 'go live' support has been excellent.”

“From our own experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Optimise Systems and their ‘Prodigy’ software. We feel we are in a partnership for the benefit of both companies, and from our point of view, are very pleased we decided to go ahead with them.”
Stuart Carr, Lingarden Bulbs
Mainline Mouldings Ltd – Suppliers dedicated to offering good value, quality mouldings and picture framing products
“As one of the leading suppliers of Picture Frame Mouldings in the UK, our business is dependent on the reliability, flexibility and functionality of our information systems. In addition to this the majority of our orders are received over the internet or by phone and we required a system that would give us this flexibility.”

“Optimise System's ‘Prodigy’ Software fulfils all these requirements. Additionally, they are responsive to changes which occur from time to time in response to changes in operating practices, changes in customer requirements and global scenarios.”

“Allied to the above, we have found the support offered as part of our annual licence fee excellent with the staff very helpful and knowledgeable.”

“I have no hesitation recommending Optimise Systems Ltd as an ideal IT partner.”
Chris Daynes, Managing Director
McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd – Award winning Civil Engineering and Building Contractor
“As far as our dealings with Optimise Systems Ltd, there are several features which stand out.
a. They take time to understand what we are trying to achieve.
b. They do not over promise and inflate expectations.
c. They are never found wanting when delivering a fully tested and working product.”
David Wauchope, Financial Director
Nene Potatoes Ltd - Well established marketers of potatoes
“As we expanded our business, our requirement for a system to provide real time information and easy access to historical data became a priority. We found that although spreadsheets or manual systems have their place, they did not give us the functionality we needed to efficiently run our business.”

“Optimise Systems Ltd, utilising their ‘Prodigy’ software, ticked all the boxes as far as we were concerned. The software was flexible, user friendly and relevant to our business. In addition, the staff at Optimise were conversant with the vagaries of our business and fully understood what we were looking for.”

“The ability to track a load, include hauliers, simple colour coding to identify the status of loads, has meant that when added to the ease of access to historical data, the software has made a clear difference and benefit to our business. ”

“We now have all the information available to enable us to work efficiently. This is linked our own accounts suite of software, to provide us with an end to end, real time solution.”

“The above has allowed us to move in the direction needed with confidence and for that we thank Optimise.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending Optimise Systems Ltd to anyone within the Potato industry. The software is functional, and the intimate knowledge held by the Optimise staff of our type of business was a bonus.”

“The software needed to make a real difference in 'time saving', in our day to day business, I can happily confirm, it has.”

“They are an ideal partner.”
Paul Shepherd, Managing Director
R S Cockerill (York) Ltd – One of the UK's leading suppliers and packers of potatoes
“As one of the largest suppliers of Potatoes in the UK, we needed to deal with a software house who understood our business, and provide an easy to use and flexible solution to help us run an efficient business. Optimise Systems with their ‘Prodigy’ software does all this.”
Martin Cockerill, Managing Director
Total Produce Plc – Fresh produce Food Service and Wholesalers
“In its various guises, Total Produce has had a successful trading relationship with the Prodigy software for over 14 years. As IT manager, I have been responsible for overseeing the implementation and integration of the Food Service software which is very functional and meets all our requirements. I have nothing but praise for the standard of software provided which is extremely functional and meets all those requirements.”

“Our business relationship with Optimise Systems over the years has been excellent and they have never failed to deliver. I am impressed by the professionalism of the Optimise Development and Support staff. Their dedication to projects and the quality of work is impressive.”
Des McIvor, IT Manager
Prodigy Software