Prodigy Food Services Information

The Prodigy Food Services software has been designed in collaboration with food services suppliers to meet the requirements of this demanding sector which incorporates wholesale and delivered produce.

The Prodigy Food Services software has been specifically tailored in conjunction with the Catering and Food Services sector of the Fresh Produce Industry to meet all of their requirements, now and into the future. It has been designed to allow for fast input of orders by Telesales Operators; import of Standing Orders and Web Ordering, printing of Picking Notes and Delivery Notes in route sequence.

Fully integrated with Prodigy Stock, Procurement and our Financial Suite, making this module a very powerful alternative to general off-the-shelf packaged software. Fully configurable, multi user and fully integrated. Designed with industry specific know-how for small to medium sized companies.

  • Order taking designed to allow multiple orders to be taken extremely rapidly
  • Designed with the Telesales Operator in mind, requires the minimum of keystrokes when order taking using the numerical key pad only
  • Function key or character based operation to suit individuals
  • Allows for 4 different order scenarios: Advanced, Current, Prepared, Direct
  • Products can be set as bulk and split items, with split items being sold in kilos or by number
  • Options to allow operators to change prices if required
  • Options to view Customers Staple Products, Order History, Top Sellers (Order History allows drill down to any order, copy order lines or all of order to current) and multitude of other features to make the life of the Telesales Operator easier
  • Linking of electronic scales to allow for Pickers to rapidly and accurately record product weights on orders
  • Picking / Delivery despatched by route, allowing for customers to be placed on routes for specific dates and times – drops can be split across multiple routes
  • Daily reporting of customers who have not placed orders
  • Multiple pricing structures allowing for:
    1. Average Pricing
    2. Notional Pricing
    3. Banded Uplifts
    4. Special Product Pricing
    5. Multiple Cascading Customer Special Pricing
    6. Discounts & Tiered Discounts
  • Customer Price Lists can be sent by email or output as CSV, flat file or printed
  • Real time stock control with traceability back to the original consignment
  • Extensive suite of standard reports to assist in the day-to-day operation of the picking and despatch departments and management reporting
  • Management reporting is unique to customers, we therefore offer a rapid report development service to tailor reports to your specific requirements using our own in-house developed report writer
  • Additionally, Open Database structure allows for the use of third party report writers
  • Invoicing can be achieved by printed invoices, electronic data interchange using EDI standard formats or by CSV and XML
  • Automatic update of accounts ledgers on invoice production
  • Ease of order taking either manually, EDI or by web integration
  • Detailed pricing structures
  • Digital Weigh Scale integration
  • Picking by route
  • Timely despatch of vehicles
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved management reporting
  • Increased customer satisfaction