Optimise Systems

Optimise Systems Trading System, Contractors System and Food Services System

Accounting System

The Prodigy Financial Suite
Financial Suite

Integrating with commercial modules provides a seamless flow of financial data.

The financial suite comprises Nominal Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, Fixed Asset Register and Cash Book.  An extremely comprehensive suite, it caters for multi-company, multi-currency and group consolidation.  It provides for sophisticated coding structures with full audit trails.

Complete flexibility of setting period end dates for accounting periods is provided allowing for 12 or 13 month accounting periods to be viewed at summary or detail levels. As well as Prodigy standard reports, the report generator allows the user to create personalised financial and management reports, reflecting the company’s own accounting requirements.

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Food Services System

The Prodigy Food Services Module

“Working closely with the Optimise staff, a solution to meet the exacting requirements of the Food service division was drawn up, executed and implemented with a great deal of success. The Optimise Systems Prodigy software proved to be extremely functional, easy to use and popular amongst all users.” – Management at Total Produce

Food Services

The Prodigy Food Services software has been designed in collaboration with food services suppliers to meet the requirements of this demanding sector which incorporates wholesale and delivered produce.

The software incorporates multiple pricing structures allowing for notional, banded uplift, customer special pricing and discounts. Orders can be taken by phone, FAX or multiple formats of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Standing orders can also be configured.

Products are set as bulk and split, with splits being sold in kilos or by number.   If scales are incorporated, this removes the ‘giveway’ factor.

Real-time stock control allows for full traceability.

The wholesale suppliers software offers all the above, with the addition of handheld devices to simplify and assist the buying process.

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Trading System

The Prodigy Trading Module

“The Prodigy software suit has now been in place for many years and is a key part of our business. The workflow process from Trading & Grading, Sales Order Processing, through to Quality Control, Delivery, all integrated into the Accounting suite, offers us the end to end solution we required. This process enables us to control our business, efficiently producing timely production and financial data.” – Martin Cockerill, Managing Director at R S Cockerill


The Prodigy Trading system is a fully configurable module which was designed originally for those companies who traded potatoes but is also ideally suited to those who trade in onions, root vegetables and grain.

Designed to allow back-to-back matching of purchase and sale of produce in an interactive environment and to clarify the trading process with instant screen updates across all trades.

Recent additions now allow for grower groups to be catered for with new screens and procedures for deductions to be automatically applied and detailed on members’ invoices.

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Contractors System

The Prodigy Contractors System
“We at McPhillips moved to Prodigy in 1992 after a long search to find the right applications software to run our business. After an initial period of the usual trials and tribulations associated with setup and training on Prodigy, McPhillips have no doubt that the right decision was made. The savings in time, effort and manpower have had a dramatic impact on our understanding of the roll that computer systems now play in everyday operations.” – David Wauchope, Financial Director at McPhillips

The Prodigy Contractors module has been specifically designed in conjunction with the Construction Industry for the control of costs associated with a contract and is fully integrated with our financial suite.

The Contractors system is aimed at those companies who provide part or complete construction services in the industries and has been expanded by the introduction of a web Materials Request System for site managers and an HMRC certified CIS reporting system.
The system also incorporates a sub-contractors module, a dedicated purchase order system and a sales ledger specifically designed for contractors.

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Flowers & Bulbs System

The Prodigy Flowers and Bulbs Module
Working with Optimise Systems and utilising Prodigy software provided the functionality and integration as well as the other key performance criteria we required. The implementation was very smooth and professional. In addition, the post ‘go live’ support was excellent.” – Stuart Carr, Director at Lingarden Bulbs
Flowers & Bulbs

The Prodigy Flowers & Bulbs system is a derivative of one of our Fresh Produce systems that first came into being in the late 1980s and was written for suppliers of fruit and vegetables to the supermarkets. One of the country’s leading providers of flowers and bulbs realised its potential and adopted the core functionality with bespoke modifications to make the software truly fit for purpose.

The flowers and bulbs sector of the industry has specific requirements for the export of purchased and sales of bulbs from the UK which is designed to limit or even eradicate the spread of diseases and cross-contamination between varieties and geographical areas.

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