Prodigy Trading Information

The Prodigy Trading System has been designed to allow back-to-back matching of purchases and sales of produce in an interactive environment and clarifies the trading process with instant screen updates across all traders.

The Prodigy Trading System is a fully interactive back-to-back sales and purchasing transaction system aimed at suppliers and processors of bulk products such as potatoes or other root crops.   It incorporates contract sales and purchases, quality control, product storage, grading, packing and value added processing.   Haulier and grower self-billing are an integral part of the system, as is an array of documentation covering grower collection statements, delivery notes and sales invoices.

Multiple trading sheets can be setup and are user definable to cater for different traders, departmental and company requirements.

In addition to haulage details being placed on standard trading it is also a feature of Prodigy to allow the setup of a stand-alone Haulage Trading Sheet.   Again this is user definable to allow multiple haulage sheets to be setup.

Contracts can be set for both purchases and sales with links if required between the purchase and the sale.   Contract transaction enquiry gives an insight of what has already been purchased and sold.

Seed Trading follows the same format as for standard trading with the exception that it caters for the recording of chemical treatments, plant breeder’s rights, special conditions and tubers per tonne, to name but a few additional requirements within this section.

A quality control module is also standard with the Trading System and caters for produce delivered and samples being taken direct from fields.

Connection of trading sheets to weighbridge installations for ease of entering accurate weights direct into the trading sheets for a selected load.

Once through the weighbridge, loads can be allocated to stores for future use or can be put through split grading which is a value-added process prior to pre-packing.

The Trading System caters for manual sales and purchase invoicing which is again user definable and sales documentation can also be transmitted via EDI to cater for the requirements of multiples who do not accept paper invoices.

The Prodigy Trading System is fully integrated into our Financial Suite of software which includes Nominal, Sales, Purchase & Stock Ledgers along with the Asset Manager and Cash Book.


Additional Features:
  • Grower member groups can be catered for
  • Split grading
  • Grower & haulier self-billing
  • Split pricing of load by product
  • Barcoding
  • Documents sent by email as PDF
  • Colour-coded trade statuses
  • Price & grade multiple loads as one
  • Extended grading and packing routines
  • Box traceability in grading and packing
  • Price value warning in purchase and sales
  • Credit limit checking
  • Multi-currency
  • Flexible filtering, searching & sorting of data
  • Fully integrated with our Financial Accounting ledgers
  • Excellent real-time Business Intelligence tools


  • Reduced clerical effort
  • Full purchase analysis by transaction
  • Load splitting
  • Load profitability
  • Full product traceability
  • Drill-down from sales/ purchase enquiries to full load details