Contractors System

The Prodigy Contractors suite of software was written specifically for the Contracting, Civil Engineering and Building industries in the early 1990s, but is also well suited to the Property Management sector.


“We at McPhillips moved to Prodigy in 1992 after a long search to find the right applications software to run our business. After an initial period of the usual trials and tribulations associated with setup and training on Prodigy, McPhillips have no doubt that the right decision was made. The savings in time, effort and manpower have had a dramatic impact on our understanding of the roll that computer systems now play in everyday operations.” – David Wauchope, Financial Director at McPhillips

The Prodigy Contractors module has been specifically designed in conjunction with the Construction Industry for the control of costs associated with a contract and is fully integrated with our financial suite.

The Contractors system is aimed at those companies who provide part or complete construction services in the industries and has been expanded by the introduction of a web Materials Request System for site managers and an HMRC certified CIS reporting system.
The system also incorporates a sub-contractors module, a dedicated purchase order system and a sales ledger specifically designed for contractors.